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Scam financial product such as Axiom Legal Financing Fund offered through *** -Financial Advisors around the world.

This fund was supposed to be Capital protected, fully insured and offering specific 11.18% return with no charges as this was supposed to be interest earning investment. Financial Advisors Mr Ashish Mukherjee based in New Delhi affiliated with Generali offered this fund to various investors.

As the funds were remitted by the investor directly to Generali, the investor felt that there was something wrong and asked the financial advisor that he did not wish to invest and wanted his funds back. Financial Advisor confirmed in writing that Generali had been instructed to refund the whole amount (prior to investment). Despite repeated requests, refund was not made and the sum of £260,000 was invested in the Axiom Legal Financing Fund whose launcher was under investigation by Law Society regulator in UK. The fund has gone into administration and while the Financial Advisor blames Generali for providing sub-standard product, Generali point the finger to Financial Advisor who in turn appears to be affiliated to another Consultancy based in Bangkok.

Generali continue to charge approximately £4000 per quarter as their administration charges based on the total original investment.

Generali appears to be engaged in such worldwide collection of billions of dollars through dodgy financial advisors and companies scattered in various countries who entice unsuspecting investors to part with their life savings.

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Curacao, Netherlands Antilles #896002

To everyone who has been affected by the Generali investment scam. I've done some hunting and I'm sure you can do better.

I've been able to discover that the head of Unit linked funds at Generali ie. the guy in charge of all of your plans is a member of some clubs and societies in Guernsey. If you have time and the wherewithall, please drop him a line and let him know that you will be emailing some of the people listed below. Guersey isn't a big place - let everybody who lives near him know what kind of a company he works for.

Let them know how he makes his living, scabbing off the likes of you and me. Please do not abuse any of these innocent people. Just drop them a friendly email with the story of how you have been cheated out of your money by a scab who is a member of their community. Maybe if we make life difficult for the likes of Mahy, and anybody who may come after him, they won't be so scabby with other people's money in future.

Please feel free to search any other members of Generali and who you think may be targetable (see the list at the bottom) Legally, we don't have much recourse. However, the power of the internet is there to be used. See if we can't put the likes of Mark Howarth, Dai Billington and the numerous other salesmen in similar predicments. The aim is to make these people pariahs in their clubs and societies.

Call up the chambers of commerce that they frequent - make a general nuisance of yourself. If we let this kind of thing be business as ususal then it's just going to continue.

Bombard the Guernsey Yacht Club with emails/tweets about it's member Richard Mahy @GsyYachtClub

Bombard the Guernsey Chamber of commerce about it's member Richard Mahy +44 (0) 1481 727483

This event is sponsored by Generali in Guernsey. Email it's support team members to let them know about Generali.

Steve Melbourne Rugby Development Officer Tel: 07781137988 Email:

Graham Chester Operations Director Email: Telephone: 01481 747273 Jo Wyatt KGV Director Email: Tel: 07839 778100 Matthew Haynes Badminton Development Officer Telephone: 07781 160303 Email: Telephone: 07839 746828 Becks O'Keffe Table Tennis Development Officer Telephone: 07781 180140 Email: This person is the customer service rep for Generali. Email her and let her know what you think of them. This person may be closely related to the Richard Mahy of Generali. Email him and let him know what you think of Generali. These are the people who are living off your money.

See to it that they don't get away with it.

to unhappy investor #1016325

Generali is trully a SCAM based on my experience I suggest not to put your money with this company, like many others I gave them my money for them to "invest" and hopefuly see my funds grow, well, my funds didn't grow, but I'm sure their bank accounts did, by the end of five years all I saw was loses, and they continued to take my money even after it's maturity date came to an end and after I requested to surrender my funds. How can we protect ourselves from this scams?

to Anonymous #1390487

Can you please help and support me to sign petition against Generali and their brokers/agents lack of disclosure:

Join me on Facebook group created for those who suffered from Generali Vision:

to unhappy investor #1534861

Am in the same situation. We have little to no chance of winning individually.

Best is to group up all of us and take legal action against Generali Worldwide.

Contact me ...


This will provide some good reading for you on what has been done to you and how unqualified IFA's are trained to gain your trust and then deceive you:

If you would like to see a global change in how IFA's operate then please go to.

to Bingbong #1390488

Can you please help and support me to sign petition against Generali and their brokers/agents lack of disclosure:

Join me on Facebook group created for those who suffered from Generali Vision:

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