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If you have a GENERALI VISION plan and your owned BRANDEAUX Dual Asset EURClass (A) USD back in 2014, then there is a high chance that Generali owes you money.By reconstructing my portfolio in Excel using the online Generali statement I by chance found out Generali had lost USD2,764.30 of my money.

I raised the issue with Generali who maintains: "So sorry, the statement is obviously wrong. We can assure you no money is lost. We can't really prove it, but trust us!". It subsequently took me 16 gruelling months to get the Guernsey Financial Services Ombudsman to rule in my favour against Generali and get my money back, dressed up as an "ex-gratia payment".

The question now is whether my portfolio is a one off or there are more investors who are owed money by Generali. Please log into your Generali Account -> Documents -> Current reports -> Unit movement History -> Start date: 01/02/2014. End date: 01/05/2014 -> Generate report. Use the data to do the analysis as per the picture attached to this post.

If you have also lost money, please contact me. I can tell you who to write to in order to get your money back. Moreover, if this turns out to be a common problem, I suggest we consider what other actions may be appropriate.

I suggest you check fast as Generali has the ability to change how far back in time investors are able to check their unit movement history on-line.As of 13 October 2017 it was possible for me to download the data set specified above and shown in the picture.

Review about: Generali Worldwide Vision Retirement Plan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.


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